UT Health Science Center

Kathleen Berry-Hebert had the wonderful opportunity to work at The University of Health Science Center at Houston.  UTHealth is the most comprehensive academic health center in the UT system and the U.S. Gulf Coast region.  They educate more health professionals than any health-related institution in Texas. It is the leading medical education and biomedical research institution, created in 1972.

Kathleen Berry-Hebert


The Health Science Center includes six schools:

  • UTHealth School of Medicine
  • UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • UTHealth School of Dentistry
  • UTHealth School of Nursing
  • UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics
  • UTHealth School of Public Heath

They also run the Harris County Psychiatric Center.  The Health Center was initially established as Houston’s health university. Now over 10,000 faculty, staff, and students are committed to finding innovative solutions that will advance human health and well being.  Their mission is to educate, discover, and translate any advances in the biomedical and social sciences. Their mission also includes modeling practices they believe to be best for clinical care. If they can advance diagnosis and treatment, they can enhance community well being.

UT Health Science Center is known for have the largest number of health care graduates in Texas, the sixth largest Medical School in the U.S., the School of Nursing is ranking in the top 5% in the US, over a century of dental excellence, the School of Biomedical Informatics is the first and only one of its kind, and finally, the School of Public Health is home to six campuses which is more than any other in the nation.

UT Health Science Center is also home to many diligent, meaningful research projects.  Kathleen Berry-Hebert was the project coordinator for one of their longitudinal, multi-site, and international studies. She was the Quality Control Behavior Testing Coordinator and Trainer of IQ and academic testing that occurred at every site.  Kathleen Berry-Hebert worked on this study until it reached completion and they accomplished their goals of accumulated the necessary data.