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Kathleen Berry-Hebert

Kathleen Berry-Hebert

Kathleen Berry-Hebert, mother of three and School Psychologist, is dedicated to the mental and emotional well being of children.  Mental state has a large impact on a developing child’s ability to learn.  A positive mental state can be a sponge in regards to learning, while a negative mental state can act as a backboard.  Kathleen Berry-Hebert, Licensed Specialist (LSSP) and Nationally Certified, (NCSP) School Psychologist primarily focuses on children from birth to the age of 21.  She specializes in aiding children who need special education both of whom are gifted and talented as well as intellectually challenged or disabled.

Kathleen received a B.A. in Psychology from California State University at Northridge and continued on to obtain her Masters in Psychology at the University of Houston Clear-Lake.  Berry-Hebert’s Masters’ thesis was published in the world renowned science journal, Nature.  Her thesis, titled “Analog of Neuropeptide FF Attenuates Morphine Tolerance’” provides further evidence that Neuropeptide FF (NPFF) appears to play a role in opiate tolerance since antibody against it attenuates tolerance. The study assessed whether daY8Ra had a similar effect on opiate tolerance.  These results are consistent with the hypothesis that endogenous NPFF contributes to opiate tolerance.

Previously, Kathleen Berry-Hebert was the project coordinator at the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center for the National Institutes of Health on the MRI STUDY OF NORMAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDREN.  Berry-Hebert worked on this international, multisite, longitudinal study on normal brain growth and development in children, aged four to eighteen. Tests included functional MRI’s, behavioral and educational testing and psychiatric assessments over a seven-year period. The goal was to establish the largest normative database of the developing human brain for comparison with brain scan studies of children with neurological, developmental, and psychiatric disorders.  A second goal was to provide a normal sample of longitudinal data of brain maturation in relationship to behavioral and cognitive development.  The Health Science Center in Houston was one of seven sites as well as a data-coordinating center in Montreal, Canada, included in the study.

As the project coordinator for UT-Houston Health Science Center, Kathleen Berry-Hebert was the Quality Control Behavior Testing Coordinator and Trainer of IQ and academic testing done at all participating sites. She was responsible for maintaining protocol testing standards among all behavioral testers from all sites. Kathleen conducted psychiatric interviews and assessments, administered Standardized Testing Battery according to protocol, participated in international PSC and Behavioral conference calls, supervised staffing of various numbers depending upon phase of study, coordinated research and monitored data collection, supervised data collection entry into international database housed at McGill University in Montreal, participated in the development of the protocol and the implementation of such, oversaw adherence to protocol, completion and compliance to all protocol forms, interacted with and scheduling of study participants, their families, and personnel from various institutions and hospitals, and finally, helped maintain multi-million dollar fiscal budget and accountability for expenses.

The project reached its goal and successfully cumulated the data; the project provides a comprehensive database for both clinicians and scientists.

After this Kathleen Berry-Hebert was a crisis counselor at Department of Health and Hospitals in South Louisiana.  She provided short term, direct counseling and help for local residents that were mentally, emotionally, or behaviorally affected by the turmoil and trauma after natural disasters from Hurricane Ike, Gustav, Rita and Katrina.

As a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Kathleen continues to provide psychological and guidance services to student population grades K-12. Berry-Hebert conducts psycho-educational evaluations and behavioral plans for students in preschool, elementary middle and high school.  She administers, interprets, and coordinates psycho-educational assessments to those students who needed formal testing to maximize their academic success.  Kathleen Berry-Hebert coordinates the psychological assessment and academic testing services of the school with the special education director in conjunction with school administrators and teachers; She maintains confidential records involved in the psycho-educational process and other specialized program interventions.  Kathleen consults with administrators, teachers, parents and special education staff regarding students in behavioral or mental health situations that impacted access to learning. She provides direct and indirect individual and group service delivery to students in regular education or at-risk situations. Kathleen Berry-Hebert consults with school staff on behavior and learning problems to help them deal with the special needs or concerns of specialized academic populations. She also collaborates with community agencies, department social workers and other mental health professionals to coordinate services and provides direct services to assigned schools, students and staff.

Kathleen is very invested in her work and thus her interests having to do with her career tend to overflow into her spare time.  In addition to mental stability and education of children, Kathleen Berry-Hebert is intrigued with clinical nutrition and homeopathic remedies.  Not every disease can be cured naturally but some symptoms or pains can be alleviated through homeopathic remedies.  Outside of medicine and healing, Kathleen enjoys reading, theater, art, smooth jazz, classical music, water sports such as swimming, riding jet skis, and water skiing and last but not least, roller coasters.